Simple secure communication

Chiffry is an app for smartphones that allows you to communicate confidentially and securely. Thanks to the latest encryption standards, you can:

send secured messages
share confidentially pictures, videos, contacts andlocations
make secure phone calls

Chiffry Secure Messenger

Chiffry Secure Messenger is the free, tap-proof Whatsapp alternative for those who value security and data protection. This encrypted messenger is available for Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone. This allows private individuals, companies and public authorities to share information confidentially.

Premium security through:

Data encryption in 256 bit AES GCM mode (ensures confidentially and integrity of your communication)

Highly secure key exchange based on modern elliptic curve cryptography (512 bit ECDH)

Counterfeit protection of all messages through secure signatures (512-bit ECDSA)

User identification via Chiffry certificates

IT Security Made in Germany (TeleTrusT)

Chiffry's encryption is based on the BSI guidelines and uses state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption with 256-bit AES in GCM mode. All messages and phone calls are encrypted on the sender's device and decrypted on the recipient's device. The encryption key is generated anew before each message or phone call and transmitted to the recipient according to the letterbox principle using modern elliptic curve cryptography (512-bit ECDH).

In addition, all messages are forgery-proof with 512-bit ECDSA signatures and each user is identified thanks to Chiffry certificates. For comparison: online banks generally use 2,048 to 4,096-bit RSA encryption. The 512-bit EC encryption used by Chiffry corresponds to 15,500-bit RSA encryption. The effort required to guess this key is at least 3.4*1038 times higher. (Sources: BSI TR-02102-1, TR-03111)

Secure data transmission

Chiffry focuses on data protection. Data is transmitted via the Chiffry communication server. This is located in envia TEL's high-performance data centre, which is one of the most secure in Germany and meets the highest requirements for security, connectivity and availability and is certified in accordance with IT security standard ISO 27001 and management standard ISO 9001. Only the telephone number and public key for communication are recorded on the encryption server during registration. All messages remain encrypted on the server until they are delivered to the recipient and are deleted after delivery or after 21 days at the latest. End-to-end encryption means that neither Chiffry employees nor third parties can access the content of these messages, as the encryption key is only held by the sender and recipient in order to encrypt and decrypt information.

Features of the Chiffry basic version

  1. Tap-proof encrypted calls
  2. Send voice and text messages confidentially
  3. Share images, videos, contacts and locations confidentially
  4. Send encrypted messages and notes
  5. Encrypted chat and group chat with up to 10 members
  6. Free calls via the Internet

All smartphone users can install and use the basic version of this encryption app free of charge. Users of this security app for mobile phones can also make tap-proof encrypted calls with their smartphone and tablet free of charge.

Customised solution for public authorities and companies

The paid premium version includes significantly more security and convenience functions and offers enhancements to the basic functions (including larger files, more group members, etc.). This version is suitable for private and business users who attach particular importance to security or want to use the additional functions of the premium version. The business version is designed for public authorities and companies and includes special solutions such as communication via your own encryption server as well as optional integration of your own company design, use of special smartphones with hardened operating systems and integration of other hardware components.

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